UK Branding  Famous Examples 05:54

UK Branding Famous Examples

The way a company can portray itself through its brand is the most important part of advertising a product. For every success a company like John Lewis will have with the

Pearlfishers ReDesign Driscolls Packaging for 2017 01:12

Pearlfishers ReDesign Driscolls Packaging for 2017

Pearlfisher have recently taken on board Driscolls design work for 2017, have a look at the concepts and branding so far: http://www.pearlfisher.com/work/driscolls/

Pearlfisher Packaging 01:26

Pearlfisher Packaging

When constructing the perfect branding for your company, ideas can be produced thick and fast. Its natural for us as human beings to gain an eclectic taste in art from ou


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