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Bowel Cancer Visual Aid Video 01:12

Bowel Cancer Visual Aid Video

This video is a new style Ive been trying to make to better present information on health issues.

I really like these movement style videos as they are more lively than

Questions About Cancer 03:55

Questions About Cancer

In this video were answering some questions regarding cancer. Were looking at what kidney cancer is, why we get cancer, what some symptoms of a specific cancer are, why w

What is Trachea Windpipe Cancer 03:07

What is Trachea Windpipe Cancer

Trachea cancer is a growing epidemic when it comes to the field of oncology, however, many normal everyday people dont know what the signs are. In this video, well get a

What Is Oncology?

Learn about oncology with this informative video from the LOC. For more information, please visit www.theloc.com

Chemotherapy & Oncologists by the LOC

The LOC is one of the leading private cancer clinics in London. Find out more about their Chemotherapy & Oncologists at http://www.theloc.com/your-journey/chemotherap

Dr Alison L Jones - The LOC

Dr Alison L Jones is a specialist in breast cancer, and works at the LOC. To learn more about her and her prestigious career, please visit http://www.theloc.com/consultan

Dr Sarah Slater - The LOC

Dr Sarah Slater is a highly experienced oncologist, particularly in the field of gastro-intestinal cancers. For more information about Dr Slaterm and the role that she pl

Professor Jonathan Waxman - The LOC

Professor Jonathan Waxman is a leading oncology consultant at the LOC, with his main specialisation being in the treatment of prostate cancer. Find out more about him and

Dr Simon Chowdhury 00:55

Dr Simon Chowdhury

Dr Chowdhury is one of our most established Oncologists here at the Leaders in Oncology Care.

He is actively involved in clinical trial research into urological cancer,

Multiple Myeloma Mambo 02:04

Multiple Myeloma Mambo

There are loads of resources out there for people Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.



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