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iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7

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    The iPad Mini and Nexus 7 are competing in the smaller tablet space.

    People really like tablets of this size because they can be held with one hand, they can fit into a pocket (usually), and they're great for reading and web browsing.

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    The iPad Mini is the more expensive of the two, starting at $329 for the 16GB WiFi model.

    At higher price points, more storage and LTE connectivity is available.

    It has an A5 dual-core chip with 512MB of RAM.

    The display is 7.9" and 1024x768 resolution and 162ppi.

    The Nexus 7 is just $199 for 16GB.

    You can double the storage for $249, then add HSPA+ data (coming soon) for another $50.

    It has a quad-core Tegra 3 CPU with 1GB of RAM.

    The display is 7.0" and 1280x800 resolution with a 215ppi.