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Pearlfisher Packaging

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    When constructing the perfect branding for your company, ideas can be produced thick and fast.

    Its natural for us as human beings to gain an eclectic taste in art from our experiences and friends influence.

    Although its not the smartest thing to just start firing idea after idea onto your packaging and branding of specific products.

    Its much more sensible to try and think of a game plan in advance, this means that you can build a strategy for every product that you aim to be producing and supplying.

    Whats involved in the product design strategy for a line of products? Well according to Pearlfisher, its about unlocking the full potential of your brand.

    Today in the retail industry, having a trusted brand image could be enough to help your company score a win over your competitors.

    For example, when you go into a local supermarket and your friend has told you to buy her a bottle of coke and youve been presented with two choices Coca Cola and an unknown brand of cola what would you buy? 9 times out of ten youll choose Coca Cola due to the trust they have received worldwide from customers and there recognisable packaging.

    So buy having the same recognisable branding and packaging for your products over time can pay off in a big way in terms of revenue.

    A great example of this can be shown in the video, as Starbucks, a company who have transformed themselves in recent years from a branded coffee shop to a global goliath coffee provider present not only in their own shops, but supermarkets, hotels and, well, anywhere really.

    So its very important that with every sale you build upon the growing name of starbucks as a brand.

    In the video you will see that Pearlfisher the designers have choice to use the same materials and colour pallet in order to help create a continuous style which will become recognisable with their products.

    If you would like to view more information on Pearlfishers Starbucks campaign go to http://www.pearlfisher.com/work/starbucks/ where they have listed a lot of information on the process they follow upon pre and post production of the packaging creation.

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